Swellter LLC.

Everyone’s life has been touched in some way by cancer. Today, some 1 million Americans are newly diagnosed with cancer and approximately 12M are living with cancer ….and most are unaware of their testing, treatment, and clinical trial options at the time they’re diagnosed. The potentially deadly disease is complicated, overwhelmingly difficult to understand, and downright frightening. But new technology is helping ease the burden of effectively dealing with cancer Swellter– an innovative life sciences company based in Temecula, California is developing an app that will change all of this.

The mobile-friendly app – which is free to patients – uses their medical records to deliver potentially lifesaving testing and treatment options to the patients and their oncologists in real time – right there in the doctor’s office. Swellter is on a mission to reverse decades of barriers to testing and treatment targeted at each patient’s specific cancer issues…. The app opens the door to more than 70 percent of cancer patients who don’t know about potentially lifesaving clinical trials Swellter brings everyone together – the drug makers, labs, oncologists and patients – in real-time on the app on the first visit to an oncologist. With the patient’s consent, Swellter.com uses a patient’s medical records to derive the most optimized treatments and testing opportunities relevant to that patient’s unique cancer. In essence –

Swellter enables the patient to tap into the expertise of pharmaceutical companies, labs, and their doctor to access a treasure trove of cancer information, diagnostics, real-world data, and cancer care to beat back their disease. And Swellter.com is committed to ensuring every cancer patient receives relevant information about biomarker testing and treatments, regardless of their community setting or resources. Swellter.com – a point-of-care solution to present lifesaving information free to patients.

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