Murrieta Genomics

Advisory Board
We have assembled a dynamic and dedicated group of advisory board members to provide guidance to our incubator companies. Their crucial insights and experience will be invaluable to our startups. Most early-stage companies would never have access to this type of knowledge base – one of the many benefits our clients enjoy.
Strategic Relationships
We have established a number of partnerships with like-minded organizations from around the world. Here is a list of some of the organizations that we are working with:

Murrieta Genomics is a member of Genomics England’s Discovery Forum.
It is estimated that one in seventeen people are born with or develop a rare disease during their lifetime. At least 80% of rare diseases have an identified genetic component, with 50% of new cases of rare diseases being identified in children. However, it can take considerable time and expense between a patient first presenting at doctor and receiving an accurate diagnosis. The time taken to sequence a whole human genome has been dramatically reduced and will become more affordable for routine use as the price continues to fall.

Genomics England is a company set up and owned by the UK Department of Health to run the 100,000 Genomes Project, which aims to sequence 100,000 genomes from NHS patients with a rare disease and their families, and patients with cancer. Genomics is made up of many moving parts − from the understanding and consent of the public, to truly pioneering research, to building an effective NHS infrastructure. The Discovery Forum and the industry partnerships it builds are every bit as important to the success of genomic medicine.

Murrieta Genomics is a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health.
The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) is an international, nonprofit alliance formed in 2013 to accelerate the potential of research and medicine to advance human health. Bringing together 500+ leading organizations working in healthcare, research, patient advocacy, life science, and information technology, the GA4GH community is working together to create frameworks and standards to enable the responsible, voluntary, and secure sharing of genomic and health-related data. All of our work builds upon the Framework for Responsible Sharing of Genomic and Health-Related Data.

GA4GH Connect is a five-year strategic plan that aims to drive uptake of standards and frameworks for genomic data sharing within the research and healthcare communities in order to enable responsible sharing of clinical-grade genomic data by 2022. GA4GH Connect links our Work Streams with Driver Projects—real-world genomic data initiatives that help guide our development efforts and pilot our tools.

Murrieta Genomics is a member of SoCalBio.
Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio) is a nonprofit, member-supported trade association that serves the biotech, med tech, IVD and digital health communities in the six counties that comprise the Greater Los Angeles region (Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside and San Bernardino). SoCalBio’s programs help local firms gain access to capital, potential partners, and other business services. The Council also promotes technology transfer and workforce training, while informing policymakers and the public at-large about the benefits of the region’s bioscience industry. SoCalBio is open to membership by firms and organizations engaged in all aspects of bioscience research, technology development, and commercialization. All of the incubator companies at Murrieta Genomics receive a complimentary membership to SoCalBio.

Murrieta Genomics has partnered with Hello Tomorrow.
Hello, Tomorrow is a non-profit organization bringing together a community of actors aiming to unlock the potential of deep technologies to solve the world’s toughest challenges. We source deep tech projects and startups and facilitate collaboration between entrepreneurs, industries, and investors in order to propel innovation from the lab to the market.

Hello Tomorrow organizes startup competitions, mentorship programs and a series of events around the world, as well as educating and consulting relevant stakeholders on emergence of deep technologies. Hello Tomorrow is fast becoming a key reference platform in deeptech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Murrieta Genomics is a member of Biocom.
Founded in 1995 in San Diego, Biocom provides the strongest public voice to research institutions and companies that fuel the local and state-wide economy. Biocom operates core offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, satellite offices in Washington, D.C. and Tokyo, and has a continuous staff presence in Sacramento. Biocom works on behalf of over 1,300 members to drive public policy, build an enviable network of industry leaders, create access to capital, introduce cutting-edge workforce development and STEM education programs, and create robust value-driven purchasing programs. Biocom provides the strongest public voice for research institutions and life science companies that fuel the California economy.

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